• Letter from the President

  • It is my pleasure to serve the Garden City Chamber of Commerce as Board Member and President. I am grateful for the hardworking board members and committee volunteers, who tirelessly ensure events are welcoming, fun and interconnected in Garden City, Idaho.

    Providing a connection in a business environment brings people and organizations together to support one another and advance our interests. Taking initiative and making things happen create a proactive and creative environment, of which we work to provide through informative/educational monthly luncheons. Stewardship plays a vital role in the quality of life and business community, keeping members abreast through our relations with the Garden City Council Members and the ever developing business climate.

    I encourage each chamber member to actively promote the Garden City business climate by being patrons of our local membership directory. The next time you need a business service, go ahead, call or email a Garden City Chamber of Commerce representative, you will be pleasantly surprised by our quality of service and interconnectivity we all share.  Working together promotes a stronger voice with our elected officials and within the business community.

    Connect with your peers today and become a proactive member of the Garden City Chamber of Commerce.  We all look to improve our business environment here in Idaho; it’s time to create a stronger community.

    Dawn Snapp 

    President, Garden City Chamber of Commerce