• Slow-smoked Barbecue – Texas Barbecue

    Dickey’s Barbecue Pit has been around since 1941 and “We are passionate about the Art of Great Barbecue!” Dickey’s separates itself from other barbecue restaurants by its style, quality, and catering simplicity.

    A fast-casual restaurant, Dickey’s meats are slow smoked onsite with hickory wood (often imported from Texas) and marinated with championship winning rubs. A couple of our meats are even smoked overnight to absolute perfection. The savory sides are time-tested and often come from the original recipes of the first ever restaurant in Dallas, TX.

    Dickey’s also takes pride on executing catering events, such as weddings, receptions, and rehearsals. From 10 people to 2,000, guests receive slow-smoked barbecue and a Texas experience at a very competitive price.

    Real Talk with Real Owners – Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

    Interview with Skyler Jones upon receiving the Brand Champion Award in 2015

    For Skyler Jones, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit is a family affair. After living in Texas for 14 years, Skyler and his father knew they needed to bring slow-smoked barbecue to their new hometown of Boise, Idaho. The father - son team now have three Dickey’s stores in the area, in addition to a family-owned storage facility business.

    A Brigham Young graduate in entrepreneurship and business management, Skyler always knew he wanted to start and grow his own business. After attending Dickey’s 4-week long training program at the corporate office, Barbecue University, he knew he was on track for success as a multi-franchise unit owner/operator.

    Skyler and his father Keith are well-connected in the community, serving in their local church and making a practice of helping others. They have met many new friends through their service, who have now become loyal customers. “I enjoy selling food that I love to eat, and I love working with great people,” Skyler says. “My team is fantastic and we are building a tasty reputation in the Boise area.”

    More about our Catering

    For catering events, we recommend 2 options: Full Service or Delivery Buffet.

    If you expect more than 100 guests, our Full Service Buffet for $12.95 per person is a great choice! We do work for you by prepping, pit smoking, serving, and cleaning up. Full Service includes 2 meats and 3 savory sides of your choice, along with barbecue sauce, buttery rolls, relish tray, plates, and utensils. It also includes free setup and on-site service so all of your food is kept hot and the line moves quickly. No delivery fee if the location is within 10 miles.

    If you expect less than 100 guests, our Delivery Buffet for $10.95 per person is ideal! We make your event perfect by prepping and pit smoking your choices. Delivery Buffet also includes 2 meats and 3 savory sides of your choice, along with barbecue sauce, buttery rolls, relish tray, plates, and utensils. It does include free setup to ensure the food is line-ready. No delivery fee if the location is within 10 miles.

    Here are our Slow-smoked Meat options:

    • Pulled Pork - Marinated with our famous rib rub and then slow-smoked overnight. This is probably our most popular option.
    • Beef Brisket - Marinated with championship winning rub and then slow-smoked overnight.
    • Chicken Breast - Marinated in Italian dressing, smoked for an hour and half, and then sweet-sauced to perfection. We only use chicken that has been raised without antibiotics (RWA).
    • Turkey Breast - Smoked for 3 hours, this meat soaks up the hickory smoke goodness.
    • Jalapeno Cheddar Kielbasa - Sausage made with just the right amount of spicy goodness and smoked for half an hour. 
    • Polish Kielbasa - A Texas classic, this sausage is smoked for half an hour and has a nice peppery taste.
    • Pork Spare Ribs - An Idaho Press Tribune award winner, our ribs are marinated with our famous rib rub, smoked for 4 hours, and then sweet-sauced to perfection. We will charge an extra $1.00 per person for these on a cater.

    Here are our Savory Side options:

    • Baked Potato Casserole - The best way to describe this is to imagine a loaded baked potato, as a mashed potato. It includes bacon, chives, and cheese flavors. This is probably our most popular option.
    • Mac & Cheese - A fan favorite, this is not your ordinary macaroni and cheese. Thicker, creamier, and cheesier!
    • Barbecue Baked Beans - A Dickey's family classic and a how-can-you-have-barbecue-and-not-have-barbecue-beans choice.
    • Creamy Coleslaw - Cabbage, carrots, and creamy sauce infused with pepper!
    • Green Beans with Bacon - Thicker green beans, lots of pepper, and tasty bacon chunks.
    • Caesar Salad - Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, croutons, and caesar dressing.
    • Potato Salad - Southern, mustard-based classic.
    • Asiago Creamed Spinach - Delicious new recipe, combines nicely with the buttery rolls.
    • Chips - We typically carry Lays Barbecue, Sour Cream, and Regular.