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    • Advanced Facial Treatments $80
    • Basic Facials $45
    • Waxing $20
    • Spray Tanning $25
    • Brow Tinting $10

    Mission: Beauty Begins With You

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    Benefits of Facials: Deep Cleanses, Exfoliates, Increases Circulation and Detoxifies, Relaxes the Senses, Nerves, and Muscles, Stimulates the Skin Functions and Metabolism, Slows Down Premature Aging, Treats Targeted Areas, and Softens Wrinkles and Aging Lines

    Benefits of Spray Tan: Better for your skin than UV-rays from the sun or a suntan bed. You don’t have to expose your skin to harmful radiation to get a tan. Your skin won’t age as fast by limiting your sun exposure. A way to take care of it in a loving manner and obtain a sun-kissed glow that is immediate.


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